AVTS Institutes in Maharashtra To Improve Your Industrial Skill

Adopting and implementation of new technology and new machinery are the need of time. It is essential for workers and an enterprise to adapt and follow the same. To overcome this need, ‘Advanced Vocational Training Scheme’ started by the government. Maharashtra government started 8 AVTS institutes within Maharashtra state.

AVTS Institute In Maharashtra

AVTS Institute In Maharashtra

AVTS is started by the Govt. of India and State Government in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Labour Organization (ILO). Latest machinery and financial help required for this is supplied by UNDP. This scheme is now included in World Bank Project.

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AVTS Institutes in Maharashtra and Implementation

Duration and syllabus of vocational training are determined/decided. Principals and Local Advisory Committee have given rights to make changes in this as per their need. These training programmes are of 2 weeks to 12 weeks, as per its requirement.

Regarding the training programme and its implementation, contact is maintained with industries in the spheres of I.T.I.s and in the district. An advisory committee formed by specialised staff. Quarterly meetings were held of this committee under the supervision of Principal. Advisory committee advises to start short term courses as per the need of enterprises and also guides and helps in implementation of such training programmes.

Skilled workers from industries are given admission for this advanced training. Rs.100/- fee charged for medium and large-scale entrepreneurs; and Rs.30/- are charged for each trainee entrepreneurs. No fee for workers from Central and State Governments and their undertakings.

Advanced Vocational Training Centres in Maharashtra | AVTS Centres in Maharashtra

Today overall 8 (eight) AVTS Institutes are working in Maharashtra. ITI trade and AVTS trades are not similar. Trades running in these 8 centres are as follows.

1 A.V.T.S. Ambernath 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Refrigeration &Airconditioning Mechanic 1982
3. Machine Tool Maintenance (Mechanical) 1982
4. Process Control & Instrumentation (Chemical) 1985
5. Electronics Maintenance 1994-95
2 A.V.T.S., Aundh, Pune 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1977
2. Machine Tool Maintenance (Mechanical) 1978
3. Machine Tool Maintenance (Electrical) 1978
4. Tool & Dye Making 1978
5. Induction to Engineering  Technology 1982
6. Plastic Mould Making 1983
7. Metrology & Engineering Inspection 1984
8. Hydraulic & Pneumatics 1984
9. Printing Technology 1985
3 A.V.T.S., Nasik 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Advanced Welding 1983
3. Machine Tool Maintenance (Electrical) 1985
4. Electronics Maintenance 1994-95
4 A.V.T.S., Kolhapur 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Automobile Mechanic 1983
3. Advanced Welding 1984
4. Machine Tool Maintenance (Electrical) 1994-95
5 A.V.T.S., Nagpur 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Machine Tool Maintenance (Electrical) 1982
3. Metrology & Engineering Inspection 1994-95
4. Machine Tool Maintenance (Electrical) 1994-95
6 A.V.T.S., Amravati 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Advanced Welding 1982
3. Machine Tool Maintenance (Mechanical) 1984
7 A.V.T.S., Nanded 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Machine Tool Maintenance (Electrical) 1982
3. Refrigeration &Airconditioning Mechanical 1994-95
8 A.V.T.S., Aurangabad 1. Indian Standard & Reading of Engg.Drawing 1982
2. Automobile Mechanic 1983
3. Machine Tool Maintenance (Mechanical) 1984


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  • By arranging training programme for industrial workers for improving their skills.
  • As per the request made by the entrepreneurs, workers are given short-term training of latest skills in special part/portion of technology. For more information, check short-term evening classes in ITI.
  • As per the need of entrepreneurs various training programmes arranged for workers.
  • Open promotional opportunities for training workers.


  • Any private industrial enterprise, Government, the semi-government establishment can take benefit of this scheme.
  • Interested establishments can send their workers for training as per the yearly timetable set by the Central government.
  • As per the need and demand of establishment, a special trade training programme facility is provided for the training of their workers.
  • Theory and practical training are imparted as per the modules of every trade.

The government does not give permission to private institutions to start AVTS institutes.

Admission Capacity

  1. In advanced vocational training scheme, no reservation for backwards class.
  2. Thier is no age limit for admission in AVTS.
  3. Admitted trainee should be healthy.

Admission Criteria for ITI admission.

Educational qualification

  1. S.S.C. pass (10th Pass)
  2. Passed I.T.I. or Draughtsman Mechanic trade or candidate must have 3 years’ experience in the concerned field.
  3. Deputed workers should have concerned subject’s/trade’s experience and he should have knowledge of reading and understanding English.

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Who can apply for AVTS

Any eligible interested candidate from any district can take facility of this scheme. So, there is no geographical limitation.

AVTS Exams:

The government did not make examinations obligatory.  So there is no exam. The principal of the Industrial Training Institute has the right to sign the certificate. The certificate is awarded to those candidates who have completed the training. Sound great!


ITI is not just for unemployed. If you are looking for promotion then AVTS create an opportunity for you. So, take admission in AVTS institutes in Maharashtra and improve your skill and earn money.


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