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Have you ever wondered about the way the world works? Not about the atoms and molecules, or physics behind it but the people of the world. For example, have you ever wondered why students go to college? Why do some People like blues, some people like hip-hop and some people like both? The Best Online Sociology is about learning about yourself and your place in the world. A French philosopher named Augustus Comte in 1800s wanted a systematic way of studying society, a way to investigate and solve its basic problems.

The Word Sociology is derived from the Latin word Society meaning society and the Greek word ‘Logos’ means to study or science. Sociology means the science or study of society. Sociology is a vast subject and it means the study of the society of the entire countries, their economics, and their politics. A group of people who share the same culture and region is called as a Society.

When you see an individual as a member of a group or the collectivity you get a completely different perspective on that person and on the groups of which they are a member and in sociology, we explore this fundamental tension. Super individual factors like where you live, what kind of networks you are a part of, what kind of formal institutions are near you can have as much to do with what happens to you in your life as your own decisions and your own actions. Our behaviour can be divided into forms known as structure and agency, where a structure is formed due to the social constraints and the opportunities while agency means our own individual choices and actions. One of the important ideas in sociology is that collective phenomena are not mere aggregation phenomena.

So there is something unique about groups of individuals that you cannot see if you study about just individuals but should study about the whole groups of people in order to really understand. Being a sociologist means having the ability of social imagination. It means thinking away from everyday experiences and discovering that many apparently purely personal events are the products of something vastly more substantial. Sociology also studies the deviations from the norm. It deals with how behaviours are suddenly changed by the influences of new cultures or practices. Sociology helps us to understand the important social processes that occur and analyze about it by gathering enough evidence and help to lead a better life.

Becoming a Sociologist:

Students who want to be a sociologist can pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral in Sociology where they will get to learn about the various cultures around the world and get to learn more about the society. They also get to learn about human behaviour, politics, economics and much more. They can either go to a college or study the course content through some of the best online 2018 Sociology degree programs.

Colleges that offer the Best Online Sociology degree:

The Best online colleges in Arizona are Arizona State University (ASU), Northern Arizona University (NAU), and The University of Arizona (UA).

The Best online colleges in Kansas are Emporia State University, Kansas State University. Best online college in Connecticut is Albertus Magnus College. Best online colleges in Maryland are University of Maryland University College, Hagerstown Community College.

Best Online Sociology Degree Programs in the USA includes University of North Carolina Pembroke, Texas A&M University-Central Texas, University of Wisconsin e-Campus, American Public University, Washington State University (WSU), The University of Memphis (UOM).

On the succession of completing a degree in sociology, one should have knowledge of gender studies, sociological concepts, human behaviour and much more. Sociologists have great problem-solving skills and have a broad understanding of society and individuals.

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