The importance of technology-infused Cognitive Learning

The theory of Cognitive Learning focuses on how students use their thought process, experience, and senses to acquire knowledge. Educators from all over the world vary their strategies in teaching with respect to comprehension of individual students and the process in which they educate themselves. Students have the potential to perceive certain amounts of information in a class, but information will not be retained for a very long time in the minds of a student. Experts believe that a unique experience might help a student to retain the information in long-term memory. There are a lot of scholarly articles that highlight the influence of technology in cognitive process and the assistance in the greater understanding of the education by the students of  BHM Course.

Word Processing Tools

There is a research that proved the incorporation of technology into their-taking processes has increased the comprehension level of the student by double. Students used word-processing software such as Microsoft Word to track the consistent changes in a particular passage to summarize that entire lesson. The use of technology helped the students to understand better and also the complicated portions of the text were broken down according to the student’s skill to easily recall the important points in the future. Even better were the ones, in Engineering Colleges in Bihar, who used a certain tool to highlight the important points of the text. It helped the students during the time of revision.

Virtual Field Trips

Yet another feature that will allow the students to gain a better comprehension about a geographical place is Virtual field trips. It is impossible for the students to go on real-field trips considering the facts such as the economy, climate, and time considerations. Virtual field trips are accessible through technological innovations which can provide a dynamic growth in the field of the educational sector. Virtual Field trips take the students and the teachers to the world’s iconic places in an instant.  There are subjects like Earth and Space Science in Virtual Field trips. These would fascinate and lets the students figure out their passion by having a first virtual look at these explorations. This is beneficial especially for the students of BHM Course who can go around the world and see how people manage hotels everywhere.

Concept Maps

Another concept that has been emphasized by the educational experts is the concept maps. Concept maps are used in combination with the organization of the study material and the notes were taken about it. It is a proven fact that it drastically improves the level of understanding of a student. There a number of programs that help the students to concept the maps as a physical representation using their cognitive processes. Students’ ideas will not stay in the mind now; technology, when used appropriately, will help the children to put them into actual representation.

Final Word

These types of strategies of teaching education will help the student to acquire knowledge and touches upon their episodic memory which neuroscientists believe to be very powerful that can help the student in retaining knowledge at a greater extent.  The potential of cognitive learning has made an impact and influenced the technical experts to help the students in their learning process. These implementations highlight the importance and the diversity of cognitive learning that provides what the students need. It also promotes the knowledge that is easily accessible and infused in the long-term memory. Educational institutions and teachers should stay on track at a constant basis to know the current technological trends and innovations that assist the students and teachers in greatly acquiring knowledge like the implementation of Educational Technology in Engineering Colleges in Bihar.

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